Natal Charts – Terms of Use

Privacy and Confidentiality

The app allows you to use your voice assistant enabled device to communicate with Natal Charts, by voice. To use the app, you will need to speak commands and questions aloud to your device, and you will receive responses from using your device. To use the app, you will NOT be required to speak aloud your name and your personal information.


This assistant is development mode and it is possible that the app may not work correctly, or work at all.

 Licence to use service

You must not:

(a) republish material you get from Natal Charts (including republication on another website or chatbot);

(b) sell, rent or sub-license material you get from Natal Charts;

(c) exploit material you get from Natal Charts for a commercial purpose; or

(e) redistribute material you get from Natal Charts.


Natal Charts Skill may be terminated at any time and without notice.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise specified, all information and descriptions provided via the app are the copyrighted property. You may only use the information and descriptions contained in the app , without alteration, for personal purposes.